Reverse-engineering a pattern?

First-- I’m new here, so, uh, hi. waves :waving:

Second-- I’ve fairly recently started back up knitting fter several years of not. (My brain has now decided that I really want to learn how to make socks. I’m not entirely sure why, but hey, it’s fun. ^_^) I have several partly-finished projects from several years ago, and one of them I have [I]no clue[/I] what the pattern is. I was kind of making it up as I went along, using a mixture of several different patterns (all of which I’ve lost anyway).

Is it possible to figure out what I was doing based on what I have? It’s a scarf, about 4" done so far, with ribbing down the sides and cabling down the middle; I can figure out the ribbing easily enough based on the previous row, but I’m not sure about the cabling, either the number of stitches or the number of rows between crossing over. (or the number of stitches being crossed, or where the last time I crossed was.)

Or am I just better off just undoing all the stitches and starting over?


If you posted a picture, we could try to figure it out.

Only 4"? I think I’d just frog it and start over. Save the brain cells for those socks you are about to knit. (this coming from someone who’s not gotten the guts, or brain power, to do socks yet).

Welcome to the group!!

Yep, either frog it or if you’re madly in love with the pattern, borrow some stitch pattern/aran/cabling books from the library and see if you can find it’s match.


I agree I would definately unravel the 4" you have already knitted and start afresh.
And don’t worry about the socks you will be fine once you get the hang of the DPN’S