Reverse binding off? Help me please!

I am making a clutch. I will try to find the link to the website where i found the pattern if someone thinks it will help.
Pattern says
BO 6sts, K2tog 5 times, 35 stitches remain (began with 70 stitches)
I am working on 15-24" circular needles.
:shrug: Please help me!!!

You will bind off the first 6 stitches, then continue working on the pattern. Bind off same as you normally would.

Is that exactly how it is written because I am seeing that you are binding off 6 stitches and then knitting two together, then binding off another six stitches and knitting 2 together (until you have done that five times) which will leave you with 35 stitches.

If that is how it’s written, than there might be an error in the pattern.

You give the pattern and ask ‘help!’ but you haven’t said what is causing you difficulty. You can find videos here in KH showing you how to bind off, as well as many tutorials with pictures online, also explanations of how to knit2tog, and how to do smaller diameters on both circs and DPNs. What exactly is the problem?