Rev St st

Back to knitting after 50 years! What does Rev St st mean? Is is just a “purl” row or something else. Help! :??

:happydance: Welcome to the forum and getting back to knitting!!

Pretty much reverse St St is just that… instead of having the “v’s” be your right side they will be your wrong side… :teehee:

[color=darkblue]Do you make it by purling? BTW, what, then, does St St mean in pattern?


Well, you may have to purl, depending on if you are knitting flat or not… St St = Stocking Stich, or Stockinette, whichever you prefer to call it. The ‘wrong’ side of your stocking stitch is reverse stockinette - all the bumps, not the v’s.

Thanks, Ladies,

I found an explanation (10 minutes after posting my inquirey!) yesterday that explained Rev St st as “purl on the knit side and knit on the purl side.”