Rev St st?

I am knitting

I just completed rows 1-7 (K1P1) to end of row. Now on larger needles it says to do Rev St st. So since I just completed k1p1 ribbling is my next row going to start with a purl stitch and purl entire rown and then knit next row? Please help.

Reverse stockinette is just the back side of stockinette. So you’ll be purling on the front and knitting on the back (inside).

So after the 7 rows of k1p1, do I start with a purl row then the next row knit? Doesn’t seem any different then st st.
If I had already done a knit row then I understand purling it instead. It’s confusing?

Yes you’d knit the next row if you just purled a row. I didn’t download the pattern, but it looks like the reverse st st is on the outside (rs) so just make sure you have the purl rows on the rs.

I cab see why it’s confusing. Our natural instinct is to have the stockinette side out!