Return to the Professor Sweater


After a hiatus of sewing a baby blanket, I’ve returned to the Professor Sweater. Never, ever leave a project! Since I am on the other sleeve and have little or no recollection of the other sleeve, I am asking for needed assistance. Starting with 1” and then into the rounds or first a decrease row… don’t remember. I know dc every 6th row, but can’t remember if it starts out with a decrease. Thank you :pray:t3:


Oh, good. Always nice to return to a project and finish up.
After you return the held sts to the needles and pick up the 8sts at the underarm, join in the round and knit for 1". Then work the decrease round.

You may be able to see these decreases on the other sleeve.


Yes you are correct, I can see the decrease round on the other sleeve. Just to clarify, do I still dc on the 6th round? If I do that, (I’m sure that I am overthinking), am I going to be -2 stitches at the end? So glad it is you that answered this! Thank you.


You’re going to repeat the decrease every 6th round for the given number of times for your size, 7(8,9,8,9) times. By the time you finish the decreases you’ll have 16-20 fewer sts depending on the size. Which size are you making?


I am making a size 4 so it is every 6th rnd 8 X’s. All understood, I was questioning the # of stitches after the initial dc… then on the 6th rnd dc again? Is that correct? Thank you :blush:


I should end up with 30 stitches.


You have 48sts and the first decrease round (rnd 1) decreases 2sts so there are 46sts. Then you dec on rnds 7,13,19,25,31 and 37 so you’ll end with 30sts.


Thanks for your patience and an excellent explanation.


This has nothing to do with the pattern. But the name Professor Sweater reminded me of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. The zippered front sweater he would put on was knitted by his grandmother. He would zip the sweater all the way to the top and then down a few inches. It was his way of saying hello to her. Carol Burnett also used to say hello to her grandmother by tugging on her ear at the end of the show. A little trivia.


Great trivia, that unfortunately I do remember! Thanks for the good memories.