Retro/Vintage Knitting

Happy New Year’s everyone! :lol:

Anyone working on or contemplating knitting vintage sweaters? I have some patterns, but what yarns to use is the big question. Baby yarn would probably fit the gauge, but won’t the finished sweater be too soft and not hold its shape?

Sure would like to chat with someone who has similar interests.



I have a long list of things to make, so I don’t think vintage is in the very near future, but there are yarns out there that are sturdier that fit the guage of baby yarn. I’ve used 2-ply jumper weight yarn for fairisle sweaters–it’s very thin, a bit rough, but the colors are gorgeous. The gauge is anywhere between 28 and 32 st per 4 inches.

I have SOOOOO many vintage knitting & crochet patterns, at least 40-50 in total (inc babies and men’s).

A lot of the lacier stuff is about a 4 ply, but there’s a lot of 8 ply knitting done too, use the size needles recommended, and find a yarn that fits the gauge.

Once I’ve lost a little weight, I’ll be knitting up some vintage pieces, because the patterns are made for TINY people… :smiley: hehe… Or at least until I learn how to ‘re-write’ patterns for different sizes.

there’s a yahoo group that deals with this…check it out

Thanks, Ingrid. Ewe have don it again! Took your advice for binding off and picking up stitches at neck edge on sweater without a pattern. Did a “trial” run rather than compromise what’s already knit – and it worked like a charm!!!

Many thanks for your advice. I see you’re from Australia. As a big fan of INXS, saw them in Novemberat a record signing event when they were at First Canadian Place in Toronto. Just in case you’re a fan too, here’s a little pic.