Retirement gift for my son

I am knitting my son a retirement gift afghan. I am using Knit Picks Brava worsted weight yarns in the colors Celestial(Royal Blue), Denim, Sky, Clarity(very light powder blue) and White. I am using the same pattern I used in the afghan I posted the picture of in the other thread. I am on the last few rows of the White in the 4th stripe of the 5 colors. The pattern stitch is a 4 row pattern and it is repeated 3 times in each color.

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That’ll be spectacular. Looking forward to the photo. Is there a pattern link, Daylily or is this one you’ve made yourself?

Congratulations to your son on his retirement!

Hi salmonmac,
it is the feather and fan pattern stitch but I did not knit the last row that produces the ridge on the right side. I purl that row so I get a different look. The pattern is only 4 rows, Row 1 is Knit Row 2 is purl Row 3 is Knit 2 tog, 3times then yo,ki 6 times, then ssk 3 times. Then row 4 I purl.I hope the picture is in the post,DSC00384 (Small) the picture did not load


Even more beautiful than I imagined. Those colors are perfect, Daylily.

Wow that is gorgeous and beautiful colors and what a wonderful retirement gift :revolving_hearts:

Thank you Giosknittinggirl. He is my youngest son and I am very proud of him.We leave this Friday evening to drive up to Va. to spend Christmas with him and his family. But I am not finished with it so it will stay home. he knows the colors I am using but he hasn’t seen it yet.

Beautiful. I love the feather and fan pattern and i have used it just like you. (Changing the last row) i just finished a shawl using that pattern. Love the colors.

Thank you Trisha54. When I asked him about the colors, I did not think the dark royal blue would work but it was the only dark blue that didn’t have green tones in it.I have to admit it has worked better than I had hoped it would.

The colors worked out perfectly, sometimes we have to go with our gut feeling. It is also a very versitle pattern. I have used it for scarfs, shawls and blankets.

That is fantastic I hope you have a very blessed Christmas with your family and is that a fan and feather stitch​:christmas_tree::santa::gift:

-Hi Giosknittinggirl,
It is the feather and fan stitch but I purl the last row of the 4 rows. It is usually knitted on the wrong side to produce the ridge on the front. I like this version of it better than the one with the ridge.

How gorgeous. What a great gift for your son!

Thank you Bluejaygirl5 he is our youngest son and when he went into the Navy, I did not think he would stay for 20 years. But he did so I am very proud of him

And you should be PROUD

Thank you Trisha54

That is beautiful! What a lovely gift!

Thank you Jan1 This the last time I will be on here for a few days since we are getting ready to leave to you up to Va.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!

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We arrived back home today at 1:48 am,boy were we tired. We spent a
total of 4 hrs in rolling traffic jams, in Va, Sc, NC and Ga. When we crossed the Ga /Fl line, the traffic went back to normal, we never found out why the traffic was so bad.