Result too stretchy

I tend to knit kinda loose, so I usually drop a needle size in order to obtain gauge. But even though I am knitting gauge (and I periodically check to make sure I am still in gauge), the result is too stretchy. I made ribbed legwarmers and they stretched out so much I had to add ties to keep them up. I can actually wear them on the outside of my pants, like gaitors. So I made some stockingnet legwarmers, and even added elastic to the top ribbing, but they too are stretching way out and won’t stay up. Both were knit in Encore which is an acrylic/wool blend and blocking does nto help much, nor does running the garments through the washer/dryer.

Is it possible to knit to gauge and still have too much yarn in each stitch?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Maybe the patterns were written for folks with larger legs? Who knows. Sounds like you should go down another needle size or two (if it doesn’t make the fabric too dense), or just cast on fewer stitches.

ETA: It just occurred to me that maybe you were using the wrong stitch for your swatch. The pattern should specify whether the given gauge is for stockinette or rib.