Restoring the 'chunk' to a 'chunky knit'!

I’ve knitted an Aran jumper and before joining the shoulder seams I pressed the pieces. Now it’s been a while since I did any knitting and went straight for the damp tea towel and pressed! Oh dear! Now where I have pressed the Aran pattern is flat! Eek!

I would like to know if this is reversible? Should I maybe wash the garment and will that restore the ‘chunky’ look? Having read some of the previous questions about blocking, I’ve gone to the label (should have done this first methinks) and have used King Cole Big Value Aran 100% Premium Acrylic. Probably not suitable for a damp press.

Hope I can rectify my mistake.

Thanks for any help

It depends on how well you pressed and flattened the aran work but the outlook is not good. The yarn label recommends against ironing:

I don’t think there’s anything to lose by washing and drying according to the label instructions.
Let’s hope for the best!