Restarting Post Bullmastiff Drawstring Bag

[b]I’m going to restart my bag … so far I have the 100 st cast on … it’s on circulars and I want to join it properly … it says cast on 100 st, place red marker, cast on 1 st and join … however when I went over this before, they said you could join by just joining that extra st and the one before it … because when I try and slip that 1 st onto the other needle, it unravels before I can get the marker on … I’m using different yarn as I don’t have enough of the other one to make another … this is Sirdar Country Style DK … kinda tweedy purple.

Sooooo … if I lay my circulars down, should the working yarn be coming off my LH needle and the first st I cast on be the first one on my RH needle? If I turn it around so the working yarn is on the RH needle, it twists the stitches … Can I just cast on the 1 extra st and knit that with my next st and be off to the races? How do I keep from knitting with the bag inside out like I did before?


Your working yarn needs to be coming from the right needle to join in the round, so in that regard your first photo is correct, BUT if you are going to be doing knit stitches, your working yarn needs to be at the back of your work - looking at your photo it appear that you have the working yarn at the front and kind of up. Bring that working yarn down and sort of under the right needle and then start knitting. If my description doesn’t help, here’s a pretty good website (thought I don’t know WHY they used black yarn to illustrate):

Also in that same link is info on knitting “inside out” like you were before, and how to avoid it.

Toby, if you’re losing your last stitch because you’re busy fiddling with the marker, attach a split marker, coiless pin or piece of waste yarn directly to your 100th stitch, then cast on the one extra stitch - then when you go to slip the extra stitch to the left needle, there is nothing to fall off. You can replace it on the next round with a marker that will move from round to round with you.