Hi all! I came across this wonderful site while trying to decipher a pattern. I am trying to take a simple eyelet pattern and make it into a blanket for my daughter. It has been FOREVER since I picked up the “dueling sticks” and I just can’t understand what it is telling me. The pattern tells me to SSK; I just don’t understand how to do this. Here’s the row pattern: K1, *k2tog, ssk, yo; repeat from * to end, k2. Thanks!

The ssk is the same as sl 1, k1, psso, just done differently. So you can use that instead.

There is a free video on this site listed under “decreases” on how to do the SSK. I use the “improved” SSK where you slip the first one knitwise and the second one purlwise then put the left needle into the two stitches together on the near side of the right needle and knit them together from there.