Resolved...Northwoods Hat pattern help

ETA: I figured it out. It’s the back purl bump going through each stitch on the back side like a dash, not either side of the V.

Hi all. I usually knit, but I’m trying to crochet a hat. I’m a little confused by the beginning of the pattern. There’s a Note at the top of the pattern that says: “When beginning hat, in order to make the bottom edge of hat look a bit neater work the first row into the bottom of the foundation chain, and then join to work in the round at the end of this first row. Following rounds are not joined, but worked in spiral rounds.”

Round 1: beginning with 2nd ch from hook and working into bottom of chain, 1 esc into each ch across, being careful not to twist chain, sl st into 1st esc of round to join.
Round 2: FpDc around each st, do not join.

I can’t find anything in reference to knitting into the bottom of the foundation chain, but I find loads of stuff about how to sc into the foundation row like normal and then rotating and sc into the bottom side of each stitch (basically, working across the foundation chain twice, once through the top and once through the bottom) to work the opposite side of the foundation row. Is that what this pattern means (esc into the top like normal, than rotating and esc back into the bottom so you go across the foundation row twice, once on the top and once on the bottom)? Or do they mean instead of doing an esc into the top of each stitch, do the esc into the bottom of each stitch, going across the foundation row only once, and by bottom, I’m assuming they mean the bottom leg of the V and not the purl bump that goes through the middle of each V in the back?


Glad you were able to make sense of it. Enjoy making the hat!

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