Resizing pattern?

Man, I’m just full of questions today :oo:

One of my current projects is these adorable booties.

The guage on the pattern is 7spi/ 8 garter row ridges per inch, which I was able to get perfectly with size 2 needles. It’s making a perfect pair of itty bitty baby booties for dh’s cousin’s expected arrival. Finished, the sole of the bootie is about 3&3/4".

So, my question… I’d like to make a pair to fit my 8mo. My problem is I suck at math LOL Does anyone know how I would adjust the guage/pattern to resize them? Would it be as simple as increasing the size of my needles (and if so, how do I figure which size to go up to)? Or would I have to change the pattern itself? Or both?

Well, normally I’d say you should probably do some math. But because they are so tiny, and probably don’t take a huge amount of time to knit, I’d think you could go up a couple of needle sizes and be OK (and you’d probably want yarn that’s a bit thicker, but maybe not). If nothing else, err on the side of making them a bit too big, because she’ll grow into them. With something like this, I think you could “eyeball” it.

Thanks Marria! I suppose someday I should learn how to do the “figuring”, but for now I’m happing with just seeing how it goes LOL The tiny one I have done already I finished in just a few hours, so it’s a really quick knit. I guess the worst that can happen is I’ll have to tear it out and start over!

No problem! If you ever want to resize something, just post here, and everyone will help you out. :slight_smile: That’s what impressed me about this site the first time I posted–how quickly I got an answer to my question.

In the meantime, there is this article on on resizing. It’s short, but goes through an actual example of resizing a sweater. You might want to take a look at it.