Resizing and conversions

I am in love with this sweater!

I have 2 issues though. The first is a conversion issue… I had to buy the yarn in worsted weight instead of DK to fit my budget and achieve the right color and texture. ANy advice on converting the pattern? I know I can probably knit a swatch and do the math but I"ve never converted a pattern before…any advice? Should I up the needle size a little too? I"m worried it may knit too tight on those #3’s

My second is a size problem… if you notice, the girl in the picture has a somewhat spare figure. I do not. I wear a 38 D or DD depending on the brand. Does anyone have ideas for altering the pattern? I’m thinking I should start with the pattern to fit my chest and then make the lower body/waist area smaller. I want it not to be boxy or hang awkwardly off me.

Thanks in advance!


You could knit a swatch to convert but what sometimes works well in this type of situation is to simply knit a smaller size…because your yarn is bigger and you will be using bigger needles you can follow the pattern for a smaller size and it will automatically turn out larger. Just figure out the gauge for the new yarn and see how much % bigger it is than what is called for in the pattern.
As far as the bust, you could add short rows or darts or simply add more increases after you get past the waist. Since the sweater is for you, you can try it on as you go which will really help with the sizing.

The book big girl knits addresses methods for dealing with bust sizing…it might be a good reference for you too.

First figure out which needles you want to use with the pattern - size 8-10 should be right - and what your sts per inch are. Then how many inches around you’ll want it. Multiply the sts/inch times inches and check which size comes closest to that in number of stitches (front and back total) and follow that size.

You can use short row shaping, but I’ve found that if I knit with a negative ease - 2-4" smaller than my full bust measurement - at a larger gauge (size 10s or bigger), it’s stretchy enough I don’t need shaping.

YEah, I would have thought it was on 8s too, but in the instructions say 2s and 3s! I definitely don’t think I should just downsize my needles - can’t imagine doing worsted on 1s! I think I’ll up size to 4’s and 5s and just knit a swatch and do the math…

I’ve never done short row shaping. Is it hard?

Nooo, I meant the usual size for worsted is 8. If the pattern uses DK, then 5-6 would be normal, but she must have wanted a denser knit so went down to 3s. If you want that same dense knit, try worsted weight on 5-6s.