Resizing a pattern


I am currently knitting a hat and realized the biggest size in the pattern is too small. I have read a few articles but I don’t really understand how to change and increase the number of stitches. It’s very confusing and I have never been really good in math. i need some help or an easy way to calculate… The hat is for an adult.

Thanks - julie

hi julie! welcome to KH! first off, do you have a link to the pattern, either on or a knitting, yarn, crafting, etc site? if so, we’ll want that. also, if you’ve deviated from the pattern (different needles, yarn, etc) we’ll need to know that too. cheers, X :slight_smile:

Hey Xtopher,

Here is the link to the pattern:

The largest size is 58 but my boyfriend has quite a big head with 62cm.
I have kept the same yarn and needles except that I am not knitting on circular but 4 needles which doesn’t change anything.

Thank you soooo much for your help!


Try this. In case you prefer another, here’s my Google search.

Since you’re not dealing with any complicated patterns I think you can get a cast on number from a chart like the one I linked to. If this doesn’t help or you need more help, just say so. Knitting Help is all about questions getting answers.