Resizing a pattern

I am a new knitter. Made a few felted bags and baby hats. I really want to make a felted backpack for my almost 3 year old Granddaughter. I measured one she has and is about 7" high, 6" wide. I found this pattern but is probably 2x’s bigger??? Can I cut the stitches used in half???, or any other suggestions???


you could re size the pattern: felting shrinks more in height than width. Or you could felt, then cut off the extra fabric, or look for a smaller size pattern.

I found a cute small one here:

this is similar to the Ayla but looks a little smaller:

this one too- from knittingpatterncentral

I’m sure you can compare these patterns to find one closest to your desired measurements, then experiment a little!!

and if one is a little big after the first felting, you can try to re-felt it to make it smaller.

You can cut the number of stitches, though I’m not sure I would do everything in half. The finished backpack depth is only 4 1/2", I would keep that (33 rows on the base), but decrease the number of stitches by 1/3 or so. Then you will need to decrease the number of stitches on body some to compensate for the decreased stitches on the base. Then you just omit some of the rows between the cast on and the bind off (not sure the flower pattern will work out that well on decreased stitches, I would omit that and do a solid body). Just remember that you will lose at least 1/3 of the height when you felt it. I am more of a wing-it knitter, adapting patterns on the fly, so sorry I can’t be of more help with the math of the stitches.

I’m not the greatest math person. I think what I do from what you suggest is CO 32 stitches for the base, still work 33 rows. Then on body CO 100 stitches and watch the hieght as I go. The pattern says 16 " before eyelet so probably decrease to around 11" before eyelet???

Now if I could only find my needles:mrgreen: I can find everything to make, but I have a felted picture in my head…