Resizing a pattern.

I am hoping to knit a cardigan for my grand who is 9 months old. The 6-12 month patterns are just about fitting her now. But the 1-2 Yr ones are enormous. Does a 12’18 month pattern exist. Or do you need to resize an existing pattern?
Any guidance would be gratefully received.

Drops have some free patterns forn12 to 18 months. But I would check all the measurements to be sure they are the size you want.

I love this one and have no child to make it for

And here are some more (this was a a search result for baby, age, 12 to 18 months)

I hope you find something you like in the right size whether it’s drops or another designer.

And here are a few more:

Were you looking for lace or colorwork, cables or a particular stitch pattern?