Resizing a Pattern

I found a cute sweater for a child size 8. I would like to convert it to my size, women’s small (8-10). Is there an app or a conversion chart that I can use to do this? It is a fairly easy pattern with some garter stitches but primarily stockinette. Thanks, Meja

What is the name of the pattern? Can you link to it please? What weight yarn are you using? How you would handle resizing varies with the size and construction of a the pattern so without this info it would be hard to help.

I am sending photos of the packaging. It calls for a striped yoke but I would make it just one color. Thanks for the prompt response. Meja

Did you get my reply and the information I sent to answer your questions? Thanks, Meja

I just saw it, but I’ll have to look tomorrow.

Since this is already knit in bulky yarn it will be hard to just increase this one. It looks like just a basic, loose crew neck sweater. I can look for some if you want.

Thanks. No rush. I am working on another project right now. I really appreciate your help.

Have you tried Amy Herzog’s CustomFit system? It is easy to use. I am having excellent results with it. Now my sleeve caps and arm hole size are turning out to fit the first time in my entire knitting life.
You do need your current measurements. I decided to use CustomFit because I only knit crewneck sweaters, using various yarns. Her approach has saved me so much time and lots of ripping out.
You could find a pattern like the one you mentioned and get it resize to fit you.

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I will check it out

Where can I find this custom fit system? Every sweater I have made for myself doesn’t fit. Either the neck is too tight, the sleeves are too tight (or both), or if I knit a larger size so it fits my neck and arms, it is too baggy in the chest.

you need to have a someone or a LYS (local yarn store that participates in
CustomFit) to take careful measurements. Fill in all the measurements at
once, instead of going back when I needed them for a pattern.
Some feel the patterns are too expensive, $12 for one and get one free now.
or sign up for the Maker option, which gives you additonal customization
options, such as the armhole and sleeve cap.
There are many designs to choose from. You knit a swatch in the yarn that
you want to use. Then you use measurements for your yarn, the gauge for the
selected pattern. Then you get a several page pattern, with a ton of
I was amazed at how my first sweater is turning out. I have completed the
back and it measures exactly to a sweater that fits me perfectly. She
gives blocking directions, too. She also has published two books. But I am
not sure that you need to buy them. All I know that CustomFit is going to
decrease my frustration with knitting. Hopefully, it will increase my
Remember measure yourself carefully and swatch carefully.
Hope it works for you. Let us know if you try it.

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Thank you. Unfortunately, both of my LYS closed within the last few months. Now the nearest one is more than an hour’s drive away to a city I am very unfamiliar with. I only travel that far if I’m planning on a major purchase where the gas ends up cheaper than shipping costs.

Perhaps you could do the measurements yourself or have a friend help out? The system certainly looks intriguing.
Ann Budd has a very helpful book for customizing top down sweaters that is worth a look, too.

Check with your local library. Mine has the book.

A friend or other adult can easily measure you for CustomFit. There are good directions on the site of where to measure and how to do it. My best friend measured me. All you need is a good tape measure.
If one of your measurements seems “off” to the program, it will call out the measurement in question, so you can fix it. I entered one of mine incorrectly and the program would not let me proceed until I fixed my mistake.
The amount of detail in the resulting pattern is quite amazing.
Good luck.

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