Resizing a pattern? I need help!

Ok. I am a big girl and I can’t find any garmets that are able to be knit in my size (roughly 26/28). :shrug: :verysad: Could someone help me on resizing a pattern? :shrug: I’m not sure how to fix the pattern to fit my size. Thank you so much in advance for ANY suggestions! :happydance: :muah:

The adjustments will depend upon the pattern. Do you have a specific one in mind?

for example, i love this one!!! :muah: but it isnt in my size! :pout: :grrr:

I don’t see what you’re refering too, but I will tell you that Stitch 'n Bitch Nation has a whole chapter that explains how to resize patterns. I just used it to resize a sweater for myself!

here it is! sorry! :happydance:

Oooh, I love that sweater!!

If you can figure out how the sizes change in the pattern posted and the math involved, making the adjustments shouldn’t be too hard. It will just take time! Amber’s suggestion on consulting S&B is a great one–the book may help you re-size Josephine!