Resizing a Cabled Dress Pattern


Hello, I’ve been searching everywhere for a cabled dress pattern and I FINALLY found the perfect one after looking through HUNDREDS only to realize that the pattern is only available in one size: Large. I’m a small (but not petite). Is there a way that I could buy this pattern and scale it down to fit me? If so, would that make it too short? I know that this is a very general question but if anyone knows how to do this and could help me do it with the actual pattern (which I can’t post because it’s paid) I would be beyond grateful.

Here is the pattern page on Ravelry (not the pattern itself):


Very pretty pattern. You could swatch with a lighter weight yarn and see if you can get a gauge which will yield a dress that is the size you want. That seems somewhat random however. There may be a way to decrease or eliminate stitch patterns at the seams which will be more reliable and make it easier to calculate size.


But how would I know how many stitches to decrease? Would I have to just guess and check until I get it right? And what would I do about the arms and the bust?


Working a gauge swatch will help you figure out sts/inch. If you want to decrease the size by say, 4 inches you would multiply the sts/inch times 4 and that would tell you the number of sts to decrease. It would be a good idea to then try this new number of sts to make sure it gives you the size you want.
This isn’t an easy thing to do even if you’re an experienced knitter. You’re essentially redesigning the dress.