Resize knitting



I am just wondering if anyone would know if theres a way to knit a smaller version from knitting instructions. I have knitted a cat but I want to make a smaller one.



Hi there!!

I would try using thinner yarn with smaller needles. Otherwise, the instructions would have to be completely re-written.



Hard to be certain, but you could try knitting it with a lighter weight yarn and smaller needles - if the pattern asks for worsted using 4mm for example, you could try DK with 3 or 3.5mm or even fingering with 2.5/2.75 mm. There might be some changes needed with the amount of rows worked for body length or leg length or head size, you would need to judge that - but having completed one already that shouldn’t be too difficult to decide upon.
Wishing you Good Luck :grinning:


Oops! you got there before me :grin: