Residents knitting

maybe you’ve mostly all already seen it, but just in case.

& - I want it!

looks like a hat, but actually a tea cozy (?).
is anyone on here in wales?

I love it too but I’m not brave enough to knit it :teehee:

I’m in Wales - in the UK - is that the one you meant?


I suppose it is not a teeny tiny place but are you going to the wonderwools festival thing?

it sounds so exciting!

wonderwools festival???

Whats all this about???

I’ve not heard of it but I’m very intrigued!!!

Does it have a n’interweb site?

here it is

I’ve never heard of it before but it sounds great and its only an hour and a half away from me so I’ll be there hopefully.

(As long as I’ve recovered from my back surgery by then, although I may not have even had it by then :teehee: )

The only festival type things I’ve found in the UK are the more corporate stitch festivals but this sounds a bit more homely!

Thanks for that - something else to look forward too!!!

Will you be there?

no, I am in boston.

but you can take pictures! :woot:
(that was sneaky of me, hey?)

what’s wrong with your back?
I hope you are ok!

Sure - I’ll take pics if I make it!

I have a slipped disc sitting on my spinal cord - I have to see a neurosurgeon at the end of March to determine if I need surgery or if they think it might be too dangerous.
A month ago they were deciding whether to give me an Op or a huge needle with steroids in it, now they think the steroids won’t work. It’s 90% likely that I’ll have the surgery though - after the recovery period (6 weeks I believe) I’ll be mostly fine.

If they can do the surgery at the start of April, then I should be OK to go.
If there’s yet another waiting list then the op won’t be until after May, so as long as its wheelchair accessible I’ll be there.

There’s not a whole lot that keep me away from seeing wool, and touching wool and talking about wool with other people who like to talk about wool :teehee: