Researching Interchangeable Needles

I’m really getting confused. I have been considering purchasing a set of interchangeable needles. I usually work with bamboo needles, however, I have read several reviews and of course everyone has their preference. I have only been knitting for about a year and am probably an intermediate knitter. I really enjoy knitting with circulars. What would you recommend for the evening/weekend knitting warrior. Also, until the is so cold that I have to wear gloves, I also knit at my son’s soccer games.:cool:

Look at the advice in these threads:

Those ought to give you some opinions…

I have the knitpicks harmonies interchangeable needles, and I think they’re fabulous. Nice points, very flexible cables with very little memory, and the needles are beautiful! Check them out on the knitpicks website. Also- knit yourself some gloves with missing finger tips, and maybe that will extend your knitting at your son’s soccer games! :slight_smile:

I’d DEFINITELY recommend KnitPicks interchangeables. They’re all I knit with nowadays. Personally, I prefer the lightweight feel of their nickel-plated needles but if you’re used to wood and you like the feel of it, then you’ll love their Harmony wood interchangeables. With The Magic Loop method, all you’ll ever need for circular or flat knitting are the needle tips and a few sets of the longest cables. My “go to” cable length is 47". It’s long enough to do hats, bags, two socks/mittens at once, just about anything, although I do prefer the 60" if I’m working with super bulky yarn or just a really big project. Again, that’s because I LOVE Magic Loop. If you don’t already use this technique, it’s definitely worth learning. It’s MUCH easier on the wrists than dpns.

To sum up, I highly recommend KnitPicks interchangeables. They’re extremely affordable and the quality is outstanding.

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