Requesting Funny vegetable Pattern

I’ve been looking for a pattern on the internet for a while now. I would like a pattern on how to knit an onion :happydance: :XX: :happydance:

I don’t know how common it is to knit these kind of things, but it would be very funny to knit an onion, and I’d appreciate it a lot if anyone could help me. :cheering:


I don’t know about an onion, but maybe you can modify?

I didn’t find any onions, but if you are interested in other foods and here’s a couple links! Some of them are articles of clothing.

Knitted Food Items
Knitted veggies

okey, thanks a lot for the links, ingrid and jan!
this gave me a lot of help, esspecially the tomato pattern 'cause I think that an onion and a tomato is very much alike. and I also found a topic on this forum on how to make a ball. I guess that I’ll manage to work something out based on the information I’ve got!