Request re: Harry Potter and spoilers

I’m going to try and avoid all Harry Potter news until I can read the book on the 27th. Please if you post about the new book let it be in a little with SPOILERS OR FOR THOSE WHO HAVE READ THE 7TH BOOK in the heading. I am trying not to be exposed to media until the 27th but it would help out a lot for those of us who have commitments forcing us to wait.

Thanks in advance. I’m soo jealous of all of you who get to read it right away.

Perfectly understandable. I will be having a busy weekend but hope to get a good start on the book. There goes the knitting…

Of course!!!

Wouldn’t DREAM of spoiling it for anyone!

I’m getting my book right away, but even so, the whole book has been leaked online, so we’re not safe even now!

I know a lot of sites have a ‘no spoilers without clear and large warning for a month’ (sometimes more) policies… It’s always seemed reasonable to me, since it’s not like it’s hard to go
"[fake][B]SPOILER-[/B]–[COLOR=White]this is where a spoiler would go[/COLOR]— /[B]END SPOILER[/B]" (highlight to see text)

Or similar things with large spaces between the warnings and the actual spoiler.

How long do you guys think is a good length of time?

To make your Spoiler hidden, what Orangeus did was change the font color to white. It is almost invisible against the background on here.

The absolute minimum should be two weeks, but I think all HP7 posts should have “Spoilers” in the title of the thread, so that people who haven’t read the book (and care) know to stay away. If people do read a thread like that and get spoiled, I don’t have much sympathy. Also, thread titles should be vague: “Harry Potter 7 Spoilers In Here.” :shrug:

:shifty: It was Colonel Mustard, in the Conservatory, with the wrench.

You mean you don’t want us to tell you that Harry is really the love child of Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall, or that Draco Malfoy and Madame Rosmerta start a ferret rescue foundation, or that Remus Lupin runs off with Petunia Dursley? Or that the giant squid is the animagus form of Lily Potter?

No (real) spoilers from me! crosses heart

I agree we should let everyone know if a spoiler lies ahead. If a thread is started about the book it probably should have something like “warning: spoilers” in the thread title.

Snape kills dumbledor! Oh wait that was the last one I think? I dunno not read them but yes understand totally its mean when people spoil it for others whether its a book or a film etc. :hug:

Yes, please put SPOILER in the subject line so no one will open them by accident! :hug:

Yes please and thanks!

Ive already had the misfortune of some rude people on LiveJournal making icons that reveal the end. :wall:x-(:waah:

Papergirl…don’t believer everything you read on Live Journal. I work in a library and we have the books, with the understanding that we won’t let the books circulate until tomorrow (21st). But of course that doesn’t keep me from brining it home and reading it. You can send me a private message if you want to know some spoilers.

Lucky!!! I’m so jealous of you!!!

LOL…Only 1 more day Katie!

Honestly, so much happens in the book at various points that you couldn’t possibly be all that spoiled unless you go looking for it. If you go to a midnight party and someone starts shouting out spoilers, they will surely be pummeled before they can get out a tenth of the amazing parts of the book.

Umm, I am going to disagree with you on that. Someone could reveal the end, and that would spoil it.

That’s what I am really worried about, that and people telling me who dies.