REQUEST: Pattern Errata or Am I not Reading Correct?

Knitting Hibby Lobby doggie sweater and having FIT WITH 1st instructions. Thing this has errata. Can anyone help?

CO 96 sts, k2, work in p2, k2 ribbing over next 36 sts. P2, k2, p2, k2, p8, work in k2, p2 ribbing to lay two sts, k2

Work all sts as appear.
Work as set over first 38 sts. Work row 1 of the 20 stitch xmxizzagb bobble chart, work as set to end.

Work as set, decreasing 6 sts event in rubbing in each side (84 sts)
----got all these done. THEN…

K2, p29, work center panel 20 sts as set, p39, k2
(Huh? Thus doesn’t add up to 85 sts)

K2,p2, begin 8 stitch flame chart repeating 3.5 times. Work center 20 sts as set, work 8 st flame pattern staring with stitch 5 of the pattern, repeating across 3.5 times, p3,k2. Work through last row of the chart

Guess I’m supposed to decrease more at some point? I’ve counted and counted and just cat figure this thing out

Nope, doesn’t add up after the dec of 6 sts per side.
What is the name of the pattern?
Probably best to contact designer to be sure but, if you can’t get an answer, you could work 32sts either side of the central 20 (adds up to 84). For the next pattern, k2p2, 28sts flame chart (that’s 3.5x), center 20, 28sts flame, p2k2. That adds up to 84sts too.