Request: How about a "bearded knitting guy smile?" LOL

I got some strange looks today as I was KIP at the local Orthodontist waiting room.

Then I remembered, I hadn’t shaved it two days.

Maybe they weren’t staring at this guy knitting, but at the unshaven guy knitting… (and that’s why I wanted the smile).

:slight_smile: :guyknitting:

Funny looks, huh? Well…
A bearded guy knitting sounds pretty cool. IRL or smiley. Just be careful if your beard grows much that you don’t knit it into your project.

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:lol: Have you ever made a smiley? It’s pretty complicated and I’ve only done it once. I made this one years ago. :mmm: Not sure I even remember all the steps to do it, but I’ll keep it in mind and let you know if we come up with one.

ETA: Okay, challenge taken. I downloaded some software and took a look at it. It’s 23 layers on this one -:x:. I might not get it done quickly (or at all), but I’ll see what I can do. :thumbsup:

Or you could just [U]shave[/U] and use any of the unshaven smileys! :slight_smile:

But wait, Jan needs to do something besides knit for awhile, so don’t ruin her fun!!

How about making it a bearded person. Sometimes we girls might like to use a bearded smiey too.:rofl:

Jan, that’s awful nice of you. I was thinking when I read how hard it is, maybe the dude that asked for it could make it and submit it for use. Jack probably needs something to amuse him. :mrgreen:

:lol: I don’t mind playing with stuff like this if I have the time. There’ll be knitting and reading in between though.

I think Jack works and knits like many of us do…when we have the time. :wink:

LOL :roflhard:

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I’ve heard tell of a thing called time, but wow I’ve been too busy to find out what it is. :wink:

Just sent my oldest off to college last month. Maybe with one less in the house I might have more time on the computer? Probably wishful thinking.

I have made icons before, even though they are static they are still fiddly things to try and make look recognizable. I don’t know how to make an animated GIF.

It was so long ago I don’t remember my exact thoughts when asking but I think I really just figured it would be a funny thought. Didn’t expect it to get serious consideration.

the :guyknitting: is :thumbsup: for me.

Hi Jack, I still haven’t done it… kind of forgot, but I’ll get to it eventually.

Is your oldest going to college locally or will he/she just be home for holidays? Mine are all out of the house now and my doggie died last month so it’s almost too quiet around here! It’s nice when they come to visit. :thumbsup:

Jan, Thanks for asking, but it depends on your definition of local.

He is attending college in PA while we live in NC. But he is 1.5 hours north of my in-laws and 1.5 hours south of his Mom’s in-laws. So we think is is semi-local to family (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins) on each side.

Now, so long as we can avoid any Hatfield vs. McCoy over where he spends his (short) holidays we’ll be just fine. :slight_smile:

:lol: Well, I was thinking local to you, but it’s nice to be near the grandparents, too! Stepdaughter didnt go to college ands lives locally, but my youngest daughter went to undergrad nearby to us in CA and his now getting her teaching credential at the same university so that’s nice.

My oldest daughter was married and went to undergrad about an our south of us, but then moved east and eventually got her graduate degree at the University of Michigan. She lives in DC now. It’s hard hen they grow up and move away!

This started a Long time ago, now my oldest son has finished college and is back home.

Clearly sending one (and then another 2 years later) off to college did not give me any more free time. :wink:

:rooster: hmm, not quite the “bearded” emoji I was looking for.

So much has changed. I miss the old emoticons but emoji’s are the new thing.

I think they are trying to get some of the old smileys back, but the new software isn’t making it easy.

Haha…yeah, life gets in the way sometimes and sometimes you just need a break. :slight_smile:

Sending off two children to college is no mean feat. Congratulations to you. I was just glad to see the end of the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches in my lunch bag

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