REQUEST: Help Selecting Size for First Sweater

After all these years, I’m finally about to venture into garment knitting. After much debate about what to do with some recycled yarn I love, decided to knit Ginger by Kim Hargraves. A review I read said it fit snug around middle so I want to make sure I do big enough.

When it says __size for X bust size. Does “bust size” mean my bra size or how big across biggest part of breast? I normally wear a Lg or XL. Am a 38 in bra size but was thinking should knit the XL for 40 bust size?

ANY guidance on how sizing for knitting something works would be appreciated!

Bust is measured around the fullest part. You can figure out how large the garment will be by using gauge and the number of stitches; for example, at 5 st/in 100 sts would measure 20 in. unstretched. Based on what your gauge is and the number of stitches you should be able to decide if it will be too snug, too loose, or just right.

I’d go with the bigger size unless your gauge is borderline. I’m a loose knitter, so I can usually get away with one size smaller than should be right. If you knit tight, definitely go with the bigger size just in case. That nice neat gauge swatch doesn’t always tell the whole story once you get rolling!

Besides, the '80s look is back and that gives us an excuse not to be too careful about a close fit :smiley: