Request: Favorite Sock Patterns?

I prefer toe up socks, but gimme whatcha got! What are your favorites? I’m up for magic loop method, thick or thin yarn. - anything really.

It’s been a long while since I’ve really knit anything (last thing was that dishcloth for st paddys day)…so I’m really wanting to knit some socks. I forgot why I loved knitting, and I am trying to discover the love again. I think I got frustrated when I finished knitting an oversized thick hoodie and my Dog died the night I finished it.

I’m so sorry to hear that your dog died, that’s so sad :verysad:
As for socks, I love lacy socks. I don’t have ‘magic loop’ patterns, but you can use the ML instead of whatever type of needles are recommended. I had lots of fun knitting the Leaves of Whimsy socks.
You can find some really great patterns if you join the Yahoo! group, Townsendsockskal. And, I love, love all of Sockbug’s patterns, and all of the socks on Knitty and most of those on Magknits…the list goes on and on…
HAVE FUN :cheering:

Wow, that sock pattern is pretty! I am so frustrated by lace though. I tried that not too long ago, I had so many mess ups.

My dog died almost a year ago, I suppose that goes to show that I haven’t knit much since. Thanks for your condolences though. :hug:

I’ve seen the socks at and magknits, they are pretty cool. I was actually considering Marnie Maclean’s dragon socks too, but I am so leary of the lace and thin yarn.