Request: Baby Blanket Patterns

I am looking for baby blanket patterns. I have found several on a few sites, but nothing really “caught” me. I’d like to make a few lacy ones, and maybe a few “full” ones. Some really pretty ones would be nice, as well.

I am due October/November, so I’d like to make as many as I can right now. I don’t know the baby’s gender yet, so for now I’d be making several in different colours.

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:



All kinds of baby stuff here.

My fave:

(though I’ve never knit it – I don’t do blankets! :wink: )

Hope you find what you want! :thumbsup:

Thanks so much, I found several I liked. ^^ You all rock. ^^


Hi Nuu,
Here’s a baby blanket I just finished for a friend:

Ooooo, that one is very pretty. Do forgive me for asking, but will you be sharing the pattern? Or is there someplace I could find it so I could try it? It’s very pretty. :slight_smile:


Hi Nuu,
I sure will, I just have to get around to writing it down. when I have I will post the link on this thread!

Thanks so much. You do lovely work. :slight_smile: