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It’s a two part question.
[li]I have a right triangle, and I would like to know what the measurement should be as indicated in the picture (letter “d”'s measurement).[/li][*]Then, I need to know the formula to calculate the area of a right triangle. All I keep coming up with on internet searches is trigonometry[FONT=Verdana] stuff, and I’m WAY lost. :noway: I remember this being a very easy calculation from junior high while learning geometry, so I [I][U]know[/U][/I] I don’t have to know trigonometry to calculate this! :wall:[/FONT][/ol]Thank you, you knitting and math genuises!!!:notworthy:

I think I worked it out… A bit rough, though.

Normally, the equation is [I]a[/I] squared, + [I]b[/I] squared, = [I]c[/I] squared. where [I]a[/I] is the longest bit, between the two right sides. So for you, it’d be [I]d[/I]^2 + 1/2[I]c[/I]^2 = [I]a[/I]^2.

You don’t know [I]d[/I], so you have to work backwards a little bit. and 1/2[I]c [/I]= 17.67, and [I]a[/I] = 25

So, 17.67, squared, is 312.23. 25 squared is 625. Subtract these two numbers, and it gives you 312.77. Square root that, and you’ve got 17.68. Which is [I]d[/I]

[I]d[/I]^2 + 1/2[I]c[/I]^2 = [I]a[/I]^2
17.68^2 + 17.67^2 = 25^2

So [I]d[/I] is roughly 17 and a half inches.

I hope that all makes sense (and I did it right)!

Without all the fancy stuff, D is half of C.

I suspected this might be the case, but I thought, “Nah…that seems way too easy to be right!”:teehee: Thanks, Ingrid!

Orangeus, I truly appreciate all of the calculations–that was great and amazing!!!:notworthy:

So for the second part of my post, to figure out the area of the triangle, Eloewien said the formula for figuring out the area would be Area = 1/2 (length x width), which would be Area = 1/2 (25 x 25), which comes out to 312½, right?

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