Reply re Snowman Sweater (mitten pockets)

This is the reply I just received from Mary Maxim.



Thank you for your email regarding item #4349, Snowman Sweater, that has been discontinued. This is a bulky sweater pattern, but it doesn’t have pockets shaped like mittens. We had a snowflake sweater #14051 that had snowflake designs and mittens shaped like pockets. You can call 800-962-9504 and ask for Customer Service, and we will be glad to describe the patterns and if you like, put together a kit for you with yarn and pattern.

Customer Service
Mary Maxim, Inc.


Thanks for letting us know, that is a really cute sweater…

I was wondering if I could make my daughter just a simple sweater pattern and then figure out the mittens some way cause I had no luck searching online…:teehee: