Reply notice?

:whistle: I was wondering after posting a question, is there a way that I can see if I have a reply without going back to my exact question?

Is there a beep like an email that comes in…maybe a silly question…but I just unraveled a size 4 cardigan half done.
Mixed up the WS side…

Brain not working or keeping the WS side straight…help, sos, 911, and now a nerve pill if I had one…ahhhhhh

Yep, at the bottom, below where you hit “submit”, there is a spot for notification type. You can pick the way you want to be notified. :thumbsup: (it’s the last option under “thread notification”)

There is an option to subscribe to a list. You can have it email you if someone answers your post.

:woohoo: I found the notification you told me about.
Wonderful and now I feel a tiny bit better. That rolled up yarn is not in sight re the UNravel of the night.