Replacement stitch for Bobble

I have a sweater pattern that I love which calls for a vine stitch and “bobbles”…which I really don’t like. The bobble is k,p,k,p,k turn, purl 5, yarn over etc, turn and k in remaining stitch. Is there a stitch that could replace the bobble? I dislike the way the bobble stitch sticks out.


You could leave it out entirely or make it smaller. I’m not a big bobble fan, either.

Since the bobble is done in one stitch, you could just knit it instead.


That’s what I did with an aran cardy that called for bobbles. It was my first encounter with bobbles and so I did them on the fronts and the back, but by the time I got to the sleeves I was sick of them, so I just knitted or purled (can’t remember now - the rest of that section was moss stitch, so it could have been either) the one stitch instead of making the bobble. It looked so much better that I was tempted to frog the fronts and back and do them over without the bobbles.

Thanks so much for your quick replies! I didn’t think of just doing a knit (or purl) stitch (duh!!) I appreciate your help.