Replaced dropped stitch with?

I’m knitting an intricate throw pattern by Jo Sharp. My problem is that the other night several stitches slipped off the needle. I tried my best to pick up the dropped stitches and made sure that the correct number of stitches were on the needle before continuing to knit. However, about two rows later I noticed a dropped stitch two rows back in the area I had originally run into trouble. The only thing I can think of is that I picked up a loop of yarn that wasn’t actually a stitch – which makes sense because the following row in the “problem area” was a little hard (too tight) to knit. So I picked up a stitch that wasn’t really a stitch and left the real stitch behind. I didn’t notice it right away because I’m using the Silkroad Aran Tweed yarn, so between the texture difference in the yarn and the intricacy of the cable pattern the mistake isn’t terribly noticeable. I’ve worked my dropped stitch up to my current row and contained it with a cable needle so that it doesn’t get any worse. My question is what to do. I think I can tie the stitch off without it being noticed – OR – I’m wondering if I could knit the next row and incorporate the dropped stitch into it by knitting two stitches together (the dropped stitch and the one I picked up by mistake). I’m not a complete beginner, yet not terribly experienced with correcting mistakes. At this point, I’ve put a lot of time into the project and with 304 stiches per row I can’t bring myself to frog. Any suggestions from those more experienced would be appreciated.

I am not sure but I would think that since you managed to find and pull up the original stitch, if you drop the “wrong” stitich back off it should revert back to it’s original place fixing both problems…I think!

I would probably just knit the two together rather than take another risk with the pattern. If your original error isn’t noticeable, why bother to mess with it?:shrug:

I just can’t leave a dropped stitch, it drives me crazy! I break out the crochet hook and go to town. I’m just that anal.

I’m also of the “k2tog” school as long as you’re sure the dropped stitch won’t unravel. I also like the “lifeline” when working lace (a crochet cotton cord run through all the stitches on a good row).

I’d k2tog too…