Replace crochet with knitting

I have a pattern for a woman’s vest. The finishing instructions say to work one round of single crochet around the neckline & armholes.
I cannot crochet at all ! Can I knit around the edges instead ?

You can certainly do that. If it’s a single crochet around then picking up and casting off on the next row will work. What is the name of your pattern?

You could look for different types of bind off and select one you find attractive and suitable to go with your top.
I have been using icelandic bind off as I love how it looks and a few of my tops have had a garter edge (or they have a few rows of garter because I switched it from rib which was in the pattern) and the Icelandic bind of looks lovely next to garter ridges.
But there are others, it depends what look you want to go for, the picot bind off, eyelet I cord bind off, sewn bind off in a different colour (or same) or 2 colour tubular…
There are quite a few different options.

I wonder if the crotchet is for decoration or as an added ridge to stabilise the top and stop it curling? If it is to make the edge firmer and less curly you can do this in knitting too, there was a thread here called speed bumps.

Or if for decoration you might want a little than one row of something?

If you have already bound off you can still add a decorative edge by picking up and knitting and binding off in one go.

Let us know what type of thing you want to do. I might not be able to find what you’re after but I’m sure someone here will be able to help.