Repairing a mistake

I am knitting my first pair of mittens and I am on the second mitten. At the top, I messed up the Kitchener stitch and lost some stitches.
I had completed the mitten with 8 stitches on the needles. Now I have twelve and am not quite sure how to back track. My final rows when knitting were (K1, SSK, K to 3 before marker, K2tog, K1), twice and I did this until I decreased from 40 stitches to the 8.
Does this make sense to anyone? Ideas?

Hi and welcome to KH!

I apologize I’m not sure I understand so gonna ask some questions :aww:

On your first mitten when you did the Kitchener you had 8sts?

But now on your second mitten you have 12?

or where you lost some sts on your our Kitchener, you back tracked to having 12 sts?

If you work the decrease round one more time that should bring you down to 8sts…since it looks like you are decreasing 4 sts