Rep Inc Row

Pattern says “rep inc row every 10 th row 0 more times, then every 8
th row 10 times.”

Do I knit 18 rows THEN start the increase …

What are you making? What’s the name of the pattern? Can you give a link if possible?

In this case you’d do it on every 8th row since you’re doing 0 every 10th row. I’m assuming it’s because of the size you’re making…?

Hi Jan,
I’m making “Dealla Cardigan” by Cassie Castillo. I’m making the small size which reads…"Rep Inc Row every 10 (8, 8, 6, 6)th row 0(2,0,10,8) more times, then every 8(6,6,4,4)th row 10(11,14,7,10) times. "
Total 58 sts.

I have cast on 36 sts. and completed 1 row of increase (2 sts)
The sleeve should end up 17 3/4 inches.

Do I knit the 10 rows “even” without an increase, THEN 8 rows with the first increase of 10 times? = 18 rows

Knit the 8 rows and begin the increases. Ignoring the first 10 rows
Thank you for the quick reply as I’m knitting it right now.

That’s very pretty! Before you go any further check the above link and see the errata they’ve posted. Not the link, but below it. There’s quite a bit. You can also check the projects and comments.

I see now that this is seamed and I don’t have experience with that so I’ll let Salmonmac help. She is here every day.

Very nice! I’m interested because I have this in my favorites, tucked away for a future knit.
When the pattern says 0 rows or 0 times for your size, you can skip that direction entirely. So knit 8 rows (not 10 or 18), increase, and continue with the increases.

I realized the cable panel chart was wrong, did a swatch, and made the correction to the purling side (wrong sides) so it turned out perfect.
Thank you so much for the link.

Thank you for the increase clarity, I’m on the sleeves, so it’s working out ok. The sweater is done except for finishing the sleeves and the collar. The medallion was very interesting working in the round, coming to the center to finish.

I’m excited to get it blocked and finished :woot:

Thank you for your help.

We’d love to see a photo of the finished sweater if you’d like to post one. Enjoy!