Removing Thumb Stitches and Knit to Match?

I’m stuck and hope/pray someone can translate plain english what I obviously can’t see/figure out.

Knitting my first mittens (fingerless - not going overboard on the first ones. haha) and am stuck where it is telling me to remove the thumb stitches to a holder.

Pattern is here –

I’m knitting on 2 circs. Had the 18 inner hand stitches on one needle and others on first needle. Way I read pattern, and therefore knit, was that the thumb gusset is split between the two needles (first stitches and last stitches of row). I can’t for the life of me figure out how to move them to the “safety pin/holder”. To get my working yarn away from the gusset, to start working the round palm/hand, I would have to knit at least some of them, no? I’m so confused. can anyone help me??

I feel confident, once I figure this out with the wisdom of those who know what they are doing, I can finish this first mitt.

THAT leads to question 2: Knit to match? WHAT??? How do I make a mirror of what I just knit? Knit instead of purl first when I do the chart? How do I do my thumb gusset? Would it be the inner section of each row where I add the gusset increase?

I fear I reached too far with this pattern but I really don’t want to frog and start over and refuse to let it get the best of me… unless it does.


heajames on Ravelry

I take it the thumb stitches are in the middle, not at one end or the other. What I do is move the stitches on the first needle to waste yarn and let that hang out until I get back around on the other side and then move those stitches to the same yarn. Sometimes I use 2 yarn needles and don’t have to rethread them, other times I use the same needle and take the first thumb’s yarn out and use the same needle with the yarn for the second thumb. Clear as mud? Anyhow, HTH.

At the end of the thumb increases, where it says work 2 rows, work one row. On the second row (round) work the sts to the last 8sts on your needle 2. Slip those to a holder and slip the first 8sts of needle 1 onto the holder. Now you can connect your working yarn to the next sts on needle 1 and continue with the directions.
For the right mitt, you want to change the placement of the thumb. Instead of putting in between needles 3 and 1 in the original pattern instructions, it’ll be between needles 2 and 3. So if you divide the sts between two needles as you have for the left mitt, the thumb gusset is between the end of needle one and the beginning of needle two.

Yippee…All makes sense - at least at the moment.HA! So thank yens for the guidance. I may knit these mittens yet!