Removing needle in baby blanket?

This pattern was mentioned in another thread. It is for a baby blanket and is by an Englishperson (?) It is done on circs but at some point, the pattern says remove one of the needles. I don’t see why one would do that. Any suggestions? Also, how do I turn that site posted above into a link?

It’s the type of cast on that is used in this pattern,although it doesn’t tell you what type of cast on to use.

It just means that when you cast on - cast on round both needles together to make the c/o stitch larger than if it was just round the one needle.

Hope that helps.

AmandaC… I am intrigued…why would one want those stitches to be so much bigger? Would it be to add something on later? I would have to imagine so. I tend to have too loose a cast on and would be worried about doing this technique I admit.

it says in the pattern it is cast on that way to make the cast on edge more elastic. The bind off is done different also to make it elastic. Sure is a pretty blanket

Thanks… I admit I wouldn’t use that technique because of the way I cast on…but…interesting. I guess if it DID turn out too loose you could weave additional yarn thru or ribbon etc.

Ah well. I see the pattern now…yes…I can see why the elastic edge may be worthwhile. I tend to get that anyway…and certainly with bindoff which is my demon in terms of having it around the same tension as the main garment section.

Wonder why it’s scalloped on one edge and not the other?? Looks uneven to me that way… like they just got too tired to do the other end. :wink: