Remodeling my craft room: phase 1

This is phase 1, painting and rearranging. I won’t show you the “before” pics because a: i didn’t take one and b: it was very messy.

It’s not a big room, but I have managed to put a futon (better known as the bed the cats fight over), three bookshelves along the far wall, and in the corner a lovely lamp I found at home depot for $40, a desk for sewing, a table with my knitting and craft books, and a ugly cabinet with a tv on it.

Phase 2 is to put shelves above the futon for books and such, get a flat screen tv to mount on the wall, replace fugly cabinet with an open faced bookshelf, and wire cable upstairs.
Phase 3 is to tackle the closet, that is actually a large walk in, but the only one that can “walk in” is Mulder, and he’s smaller than me.

I’m in the process of doing that. I just demolished our second spare bedroom that was too foo foo for anyone to ever use (antique bed, Laura Ashley bed linens, a whole lot of worthless fancy/schmancy stuff that I must have been insane to purchase and keep for all these years) and am now in possession of a completely empty room with the exception of some garage sale items. Now that I ripped everything apart I have no idea where to start. I want a sewing area, a knit stuff area and storage with lots of counter space. I thought starting with a clean slate would inspire me to visualize something, unfortunatley it didn’t. :???:

Stitchwitch I’m in the same boat! When I moved into my new apartment (4 months ago) I purposefully didn’t do anything to the computer/craft room so I could envision how I wanted everything… now it’s storage for all the stuff I havent’ unpacked and the christmas tree I can’t get apart :doh:

Looks good Mulder! Do your cats eat on that plant? I can’t have any kind of leafy stuff around because they chew it down to the root!

That is actually the only plant left in the house besides a cactus that the cats haven’t destroyed. Im not much of a plant person, so that’s ok:roflhard:
Thanks for the praise guys!I love my room!:muah: