Remnants of Ike came through Ohio

Remnants from Hurricane Ike came through Ohio on Sunday. We lost power Sunday afternoon, along with approx. 1.9 million other Ohioans. We were lucky though, we were without power for only 20 hours (just long enough for everything in our fridge and freezer to go bad), while the electric companies are saying some people could be without for a week. My Parents and both of my sisters are still without power, and one of my sisters and her family live just down the street from us. Local airports are reporting that the winds got up to 75 MPH in some areas. There are fallen trees and branches everywhere. 6 deaths have been reported so far. My kids are on their second day of no school due to power outages. My next door neighbors tree in their front yard split and 1/2 the tree fell, blocking our driveway and the street. It missed landing on DH’s car by only a few feet. Click here to see some pics of the downed tree. Dh and I got the larger branches removed from our lawn yesterday, and today I’m going out there with the kids and we’ll get the sticks, twigs and leaves taken care of.

Just a quick update: My Mom just called and their power just came back on!!!

My son just moved to Columbus and his power is off. He’s really bummed cause he just bought a bunch of food.

My husband is in a hotel in Dublin while on a job in Columbus. The hotel was without power for only 5 hours or so on Sunday. He said that on Sawmill Rd near the college airport, an cool old knarly tree is split in half. The warehouse they’re working out of had power yesterday, but the materials for the new roof being put on are everywhere but on the roof. There is a place near there where they sell steel containers. Even some of those were blown off the stacks. The actual plant where he’s putting in some equipment still didn’t have power yesterday & might not for a week.

Living in Texas all our lives & nowhere near the coast, he was just amazed & stunned at the wind gusts. He said it was such an odd feeling!

Yep, I live 25 miles west of Cleveland, it was non stop winds for over 2 hours, I am still picking up tree limbs and yes that poor family of the little boy in a town not far from us. If that was just a “fraction” of hurricane winds" holy moly!!! I freak out when we have tornado warnings…but that was really somethin else

Can they buy a generator to save the food?

we had the same in sw pa. Fortunately I didn’t lose power or have any damage but a lot of others did. I can’t imagine being right where ike made land fall. That must be awful!

We’re in the North part of Houston. It was a pretty tremendous storm. Some people still don’t have power and it’s been 2 weeks. We stayed through it, and we’re all fine, but I must admit I got scared. At about 3am, it started to get really bad where I’m at, and I grabbed the baby and layed on the floor almost under the bed. The walls were actually flexing due to the pressure differential when the wind would pass by. I don’t know if I would stay for another one. We didn’t have that much damage, but it was frightening. My husband slept through it. How are all of the other Houston area knitters? I just got online for the first time since the storm, so excuse me if there is another thread.

:hug: to all those down South and still dealing with the aftermath of Ike…:heart:

I’m in OH and lost power on Sunday and didn’t get it back till Saturday. We didn’t know what to do first take hot baths or laundry lol (the baths one nothing like a cold shower). I know some in town didn’t get it back on till earlier this week (Tues/Wed).