Reminded of

I went to my new fav LYS yesterday just to absorb all the great threads. Everytime I circled the store, I would notice something new. As a little note, I have plans to go with my friend to this store in a couple of weeks to shop for yarn. I will be getting yarn for 2 scarves I plan to make. Anyway, I thought I’d try to narrow down what I might like. Ummm, that didn’t happen. More confused than ever :shock:

Anway, on one of my last rounds, I noticed in the bottom corner of a shelf, some Aran Tivoli yarn. I was reminded of Egeria :slight_smile: It was also neat to see the yarns that people most mention around here. Names were jumping out at me everywhere.

My son was with me and he loves to shop for yarn too. He puts it up to his cheek to check for softness. Awwww…

my daughter was begging me to knit her a duck (she may have the largest collection of yellow ducks known to a child anywhere). anyway, i let her pick out the yarn. she picked it out by smelling it!

your story reminded me of that!