Remember way back when

Ok knitters…I am brand spankin new. As in just bought my first needles on Wednesday - my second on Thursday and my third were borrowed :slight_smile: Yes obsessed already.

So remember way back when you first started? I really struggled getting my 2nd and 3rd row done. I can’t even tell you how many times I pulled it out. But now that I pushed through I am pretty happy. Granted I am only on maybe my 4th row…but it does not look too bad.

I can do a long tail cast on. No problem. I get the general idea of what the knit stitch is - but CAN NOT get the tension right. No matter how I hold my working yarn it is not right.

I end up pretty much dropping it, holding my needle against me and picking up the yarn to wrap it around…

Is it normal to struggle like this? As in do you think most people go through this then just figure it out?

Or should I be working on getting it right by videos or my AMAZING local yarn shop? I did ask the “yarn lady” at the shop but of course when I was there it I could do it ok or at least…not too bad…but now it does not work for me at all.

I am a quilter - and I love to quilt. I do remember how hard it was in the beginning and thank goodness for The Quilting Board - (same as this board but for Quilting) without it my journey would have taken so much longer. The things you learn from people in a social media environment is just crazy. What did we do before all these things???!!

I am so excited for this board…

Is my struggle normal? :wall:

Learning how to hold the yarn is IMO the hardest part of learning to knit. I never have gotten good at holding it in my right hand (English style) and use my left hand (Continental style) much the same as for crochet which I did long before I learned to knit. Practice, practice, practice, and then practice some more. Watching videos can help, you’ll soon see many different ways to hold the yarn. If you can get help at the LYS (I don’t have one) that would be great. After several years of off again, on again trying I got so I can sort of hold the yarn in my right hand.

Your struggle is definitely normal! Correct tension builds as you practice so don’t keep ripping it out. Just keep going and you should be able to watch the change.

As for how to tension the yarn, that is personal choice and what feels comfortable for you. Probably nothing right now, but it will as you become more comfortable. This is how I hold mine. I’m an English knitter, but I can knit continental and hold the yarn the same way.

It felt like it took me forever to find a comfortable way to hold my yarn when I was learning. Have patience, one day soon you will realize you are not even thinking about it any more!

Just keep practicing. I have been knitting for years and I still cannot knit with long needles. I use double points or circulars for all my projects. I find the shorter needles are easier to hold onto.

Buy some Sugar n Crème cotton and make dishrags. Your tension is unimportant b/c no matter what happens you end up with a functional rag. It’s an easy way to play with new stitches and pattern repeats once you get better with tension too.

how do you get to Carnegie hall…

yes, I DO remember! Its a sure sign of obsession that you’re keeping going and working it through.

after 30+ years of knitting, I think I finally have enough needles.
scored some (ok, TEN) pairs of circular needles on the weekend, for a grand total of $3.55

gotta love thrift shops. all nice and new in their packages, never opened.


Yep, normal.
If you knit one way and just feel annoyed by it, try another. It’s supposed to (eventually) be fun, so don’t feel as if you have to keep going on a technique that doesn’t suit you. Use al the videos here if you have the bandwidth (I don’t…sigh) and ask all the questions you need to. Something out there will click for you.

You’ll know you’re hooked for good when you start making your own needles :slight_smile: