Remember I quit teaching?

Like last month? I got a call today from Joanns. The lady said “Hi Kristin. I have a student here.” I said “Ok… can I help you?” She said “She’s here for your class today, it started at 10.”

I told her “Um, I quit teaching there. LAST month. I spoke to Megan.” (Megan’s the coordinator.) She goes “Oh… well… I didn’t know that. All your classes are still listed.” :doh:

They are SOOOO disorganized!! I can’t believe I ever managed to teach there! Oh well… it’s their problem telling students that they don’t have a teacher.

PS… I DID finally get all my paychecks though. My Education Coordinator really stayed on the ball until I got all my money. Too bad it took me quitting in order to get paid. :verysad:

good grief!!

You had to QUIT to get PAID??? And they haven’t let their students know??? That is awful, completely disorganized, and pretty disrespectful if you ask me. And do they have any comprehension of how good a teacher they lost?:wink:

I feel for the student who was going to get taught knitting by a KNITTING QUEEN. Hopefully their screw up does not turn her off of knitting.

They did not cancel your classes even though you quit a MONTH ago. How inept can some people be?

I feel really sorry for that poor student who turned up all excited about hear knitting lesson with you Kristin…how disorganized are some people? Really glad you got all your money they owed you.
All I can say is it’s their loss!!!

I’m SO glad you FINALLY got paid. Good grief, what a nightmare. However, the whole story about them calling you cause you had a student at the store for the class that didn’t exist cracked me up. Sucks for the poor student. I can only hope that the person at the store had a difficult time explaining that one.

:shock: This is just ridiculous. How can a store make money with managers like that? I guess if they don’t pay their employees… :roll:

That is just amazing! How do they expect to keep teachers when they treat them like that! Criminey! I was about to approach JoAnn myself about teaching until I read your saga last month.

I know you don’t me from adam, being I am a very new knitter, but after reading your saga with Joanne’s and you teaching me how to knit a sock with those wonderful tutorials on your blog, I have completely stopped shopping at Joanne’s as well. They are the closest store to my house, but I cannot support such a disorganized mess.

All the best luck in the New Year!

Thank you so much for the support, but I’m really not asking anyone to stop shopping at Joanns. I still shop there myself, I just don’t teach there anymore. I wouldn’t even ask anyone to not take classes there. There are a lot of great teachers working hard at Joanns, despite the corporate ineptitude!! LOL :hug:

That is so sad! How can they even stay in business if this is how they conduct it?

Yeesh…what a pain!

oh poor student… That’s nuts. A similar situation happened to me when I was 16. I had quit my part time job because I hated it and a good 2 months later they call me in, saying I’m 10 min late for my shift. lol. The funny part was the manager was arguing with me on whether or not I really worked there anymore. lol.

A week later the same manager called me to ask if I wanted extra hours and if I could come in to cover a shift haha.

Oh i totally forgot about that.

:woot: YAY!! For getting paid!!

I feel bad for those who show up for the classes…very disorganized…

The more I read, the more I’m inclined to think they are sniffing the craft glue and stamp pads routinely. :roflhard:
Glad you got your pay!:cheering:

WOW!! What a tale.

Holy cow, how do they stay in business?

I’ve been to lots of Joanns and I definitely see two kinds of stores–the older, falling down ones that haven’t been remodelled and are run by disorganized slackers and the newer, freshly remodelled, on the ball types.

My mom was at one of the older ones and she went to the counter and asked if she could scan her gift card to see how much it was worth. The woman at the counter said that they didn’t do that and that my mom would have to call the phone number on the back of the card, except her card didn’t have a phone number on it. My mom showed her that there was no number and the woman claimed that my mom must have scratched it off. So my mom picked up a new card, copied the number off of it and went to the sewing area where there was a store phone and made the call from there. Another worker approached her and said, “Don’t mind her, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about somedays!”

So my mom found out the balance but decided that she really didn’t want to spend her card at that particular store. As she was leaving, she saw a sign above the register that said “Got a gift card? Can’t remember how much it was worth? We’ll scan it for you!”

I’ve had similar frustrations w/ my Joanns…a new store… There was a particular item I wanted… It was in their ad, and they stated it was on the shelf. I then asked them to show it to me. Then, they stated the item didn’t exist… I left.

I called the corporate office only to get the brush off. I went to an old store type in Virginia while visiting my daughter. They had lots of the item. I flew back w/ the item, and have been using it for several years.

Then… 3 months later low and behold the item"appeared" on their shelves.

Trying to get help from the clerks is impossible. I have basically quit going there except to shop for bargins at the end of each season.

Customer service is nil, and I can find better selection and better service at Michaels. That plus online shopping is where I go at this time. I’m too stingy about where I spend my $, and I go where I am treated kindly.