Relocating to Pittsburgh area?

My husband may accept a position in the Pittsburgh area. We are looking to move to western or north-western Allegheny County. Can anyone answer a few questions for me?

1.) What do you know about the neighborhoods? Is there a nice, rural neighborhood around the area?

2.) What are the best yarn shops in the area?

Thanks in advance!!

hi knitpurl girl

i’m in the pittsburgh area… i don’t know of any areas around here that i would call rural…but i’d say most places are small cities with your usual good and bad parts of town… i also don’t know how far around you are looking to…so it’s hard to say

there are a few yarn shops although i haven’t been to any of them yet…can’t say which is best!

this page has a whole list of them

hope that helps!

I go to Pitt, so I’ve been to Knit One yarn store in Squirrel Hill. It’s pretty nice, they have lots of different yarn, Cascade and Plymouth–off the top of my head. They also sell beads and buttons.
I order online from Knit Picks a lot because you can pretty much get the same thing as at the store for cheap. But Knit One is good if you want that whole atmosphere.

I don’t know much about rural areas, but Pittsburgh is what I like to call a “fake city.” It’s not like Philadelphia or anything. Most people say it’s a really nice place to live and the people are nice. I’m from the Philadelphia area and find that kind of thing strange, so my opinion is probably a little biased.

Knit One’s a good bet, but there’s also Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics if you’re into that kind of thing.