Release YO2

I just got this lace pattern today and came across something that is totally foreign to me. I will type it out as the pattern states, and hope someone has an idea. I think I might know and it may make sense when actually working the stitch but any input would be great.
On row 9 it has a YO2 repeat, then on row 10 it says to release the YO2 and work as one stitch. How do you release the YO2?
The pattern is Rona Lace Shawl.
Any help with this would be very much appreciated.

It means to drop one of the loops from the yo2 and knit the other one for an extra large hole.

That’s what I would have said as well.

You either purl or knit one of the loops (the first one probably) and drop the second loop.

Thanks Sue and Blue
It makes total sense.

Another happy customer :smiley: