Relay for Life washcloths

yay thanks soo much

Thank you! I wondered what I was going to do with these red & navy LB Kitchen Cottons. I’ll commit to three cloths. One each red & navy. The other will probably be white.

yay thanks when you guys all finish however many you’re able to help with just personal message me and I’ll give you my address to send them to

Abby, you can count me in for a couple. I have some other projects I need to get finished but I’m sure I can fit in at least two by the beginning of June.

yay thanks!!!

I have completed one purple one and have another started. I will do as many as I can for you. My students have seen it and think it is ‘so cool’ the way you see the design.:thumbsup:

thanks, and yea I showed a finished one off to my relay committee and they said they were awesome my weekend has plenty of knitting ahead of me:knitting: …esp since hobbly lobby had cotton yarn on sale :woohoo:

yellow one almost finished and plan on doing a white and red on too. Hope that it helps, let me know where to send them when I get them done.

I got some purple while it was on sale. I have also got one half done in red. I had another one done in purple but found a mistake which made the border off about halfway through so I am taking it out and redoing it. I am hoping to get at least five done for you.


I have a purple one almost done and I should be able to finish a couple more. I didn’t want to say anything until I got at least one started in case I procrastinated too much. Hope this helps!:hug:

lol thats understandable and yes of course it helps! thanks!

I have 5 done and one otn…should be able to get a few more done before you need them. How about a goal update?:knitting:

Good idea. I’ll be sending at least four.

Any idea how many are coming?

I have finished a red one and a purple one and have a purple on a little more than half finished. I plan to do at least 2 or 3 more.

so far I have a rough count of 20-22 coming in plus the 5 i have done so far and whatever the other girl in my relay can get done…i told the committee that we probably wont have enough for all the survivors and they said they’ll just spread them out randomly and it will be an extra little suprise…so I’m thinking we’ll end up between 35-40 which is a good amount…if you guys know of anyone else that could help that would be awesome! just let me know when you want the addess to send them to

That’s sad. I went to HL today. My new goal is to send 10 cloths.

I’ll keep you informed.

I just finished numer 8…and still have yarn for 2. I’ll take you up on that goal of 10…and maybe a few more! Three different colors of purple and 1 lime green. I was out of purple the other day:teehee:

thanks soo much guys…:woohoo:

I’ll look in my stash and see what I have to work with. I’ll do some too - don’t know how many yet but at least 2-3. I know I have some white cotton.