Relay for Life washcloths

I’m posting this here as well since it is charity knitting. I’m going to be making these washcloths for my gifts for my survivors at the american cancer society-relay for life in my area and I’m just starting them now…I was just wondering if there was anyone who would want to help me with this since I need to make 50 by june 4. I’m planning on doing them in [COLOR=“Purple”]purple[/COLOR] since that’s the color for relay, but [COLOR=“Red”]red[/COLOR], white or [COLOR=“Blue”]blue[/COLOR] would work as well and since finishing one and looking at colors any color will work except maybe pink since that’s mostly associated with breast cancer and I don’t want to lean one way or the other since the survivors are from all types of cancer. If any of you would like to help out even if it’s just making a few that would be extremely helpful. here’s the pattern and contact me if this is something you are interested in.…cer-cloth.html

I tried to go to the link to check out the pattern and it doesn’t seem to work…is there another way to get there?

I could not get there either. I was hoping to do a practice cloth.

sorry about that…try this one

I was just wondering if either of you guys was thinking you’d be able to help if so thats great I’m just trying to get an idea of how many people are going to be able to help and if so about how many you think you’d be able to help with :knitting:

I will try the pattern this weekend and let you know. My skills are pretty basic but I am willing to try. I am surprised more people have not stepped up to help. I guess they are busy. This seems like an easy enough pattern.

lol yes its an extremely easy pattern esp since my skills are very new as well I started knitting only about a month and half ago. I have finished one and with only doing it after work it took me about 2 days…but thats with only like an hour or two of knitting a day…i’m hoping by this weekend to have at least 5 done I’m into the 2nd one…I’m also guessing people have a lot on their plates right now but I’m still hopeful of getting some more helpers since these are all going to be going to cancer survivors/patients to help them wash away cancer. :hug:

I guess it means alot to those of us who have a personal connection to a survivor or victim. My mom survived breast cancer diagnosed at stage five. It is the least I can do.

wow thats amazing major :hug: for coming back from stage 5. I had my committee meeting last night for relay and showed them the finished one and they were all amazed at how perfect the design is. I figure giving up my time and some yarn is the least I can do for what survivors go through

I didn’t have any nice, solid cotton in my stash…so, off to HL I go…but, I couldn’t do that till today. They had some Purple Cottontop on clearance…and I have the weekend off! I’ll be getting started tonight and I’ll see what I can crank out this weekend!

lol yea HL is where I got my yarn at too…

I did go to the link and look at it, but then noticed you need them by June 4th and my May is really busy. Otherwise, I’d have enjoyed helping you with them. Sorry. Kris

thats fine I’m trying to bust out as many as I can and I’m secretly hoping I can find some more help…lol

:thumbsup: I got red, white and blue as the only color of purple I could find today was lavender. Would not go to HL today because it is next door to the Hastings where the shootings took place earlier this week. Toby’s has reopened but Hastings will reopen tomorrow. I will go look when I get back from Oklahoma City tomorrow. I hope that will do I will do purple if I can find some.

any color will work…i’m thankful that you guys are willing to donate your time and yarn for cancer survivors:grphug:

My father died of lung cancer almost 6 years ago. Most of my relatives on that side of the family have also lost their lives to cancer. I’d be honored to help knit up some of these clothes for you. I have printed out the pattern, so now I need to go check out my stash and see what I have. Thank you for doing this to help others.

if you can help with these that would be awesome…they are really quick easy knits…

I found some red, white and pale yellow cotton tots in my stash. So far I’ve started on a yellow cloth. Hope it will help you out.

thanks and yes any color will work…I didn’t get quite as far as I was hoping over the weekend due to family coming in from GA and dogsitting but still got quite a bit done…

I got 3 done this weekend out of the CottonTots, Grape Berry, I had. I took a picture, but can’t find my cord to post them. I used size 4s and they came out great. I have another skein and will work on a few more for you.:knitting: