Relay for life project

I’m going to be making these washcloths for my gifts for my survivors at the american cancer society-relay for life in my area and I’m just starting them now…I was just wondering if there was anyone who would want to help me with this since I need to make 50 by june 4. I’m planning on doing them in purple since that’s the color for relay. if any of you would like to help out even if it’s just making a few that would be extremely helpful. here’s the pattern and contact me if this is something you are interested in.

I’m in…What color of purple? Lavender or bright?

[COLOR=“Purple”][B]like a dark type purple similar to this[/B][/COLOR] or red white or blue since those are also relay colors

I’m sorry I can’t help, I am up to my ears in projects and life at the moment. I do think Relay for Life is an incredible thing and have walked it for years.

I have to ask why in your avatar there is a cute little puppy in a pot on the stove ?

lol because when my puppy was little my mom used to take funny pictures of him when I would go to work with this one I came home and she said we were having spaniel stew for dinner…theres another one where he fell asleep on the couch and she put a fork on one side and a knife on the other…mainly because I always said he was cute enough to eat…lol…and I understand about being up to your ears in projects I told my cousin her afgan was being moved aside so I can finish these in time to give them to the survivors at our event.

so after finishing the first one in dark purple and looking at other colors I’d say pretty much any color except maybe pink since that’s associated with breast cancer and I don’t wanna associate with just one certain type. If there’s anyone else that would like to help just let me know I have 2 people helping so far.

Pam I was just wondering about how many you think you’d be able to help with I’m trying to get a gauge on how many I have covered and how many I need to start busting my butt on…lol…:knitting:

I’ll let you know this weekend…I’m casting on shortly and no work tomorrow:happydance: